Thursday, May 10, 2018

Infinit Nutrition-Training, Racing, Daily Formulas

I wanted to share with you guys what my hydration/fueling plan looks like in both my regular training/work day and when I travel to races. Feel free to use my discount code INFINIT-BW while ordering product on Infinit's Website.

In a typical training day, I like to ensure that I have calories for most (if not all of my workouts). If it is a one hour aerobic workout, I will typically consume a low calorie mix, like HYDRATE which has all the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to ensure electrolyte replenishment. I also like to drink Hydrate during travel, in between training sessions, and I sip on it race morning to ensure I stay hydrated throughout the day. It has a pink-lemonade flavor, and it is so refreshing after a long summer run!

For longer training sessions (1.5hrs+) I like to use my custom ENDURANCE FORMULA. It is quite similar to my racing formula, except it does not contain caffeine and it is more calorically dense to get me through the longer sessions feeling strong and consistent in energy. I strictly use only my Endurance Formula for longer aerobic sessions and given it fuels me with the perfect quantity of nutrients, there is no need for any gels! I honestly dislike the taste of gels and they tend to sit heavy in my stomach, so this simple solution makes life easier and involves less prepping for yay!

For harder speed sessions and/or racing, I use my RACING FORMULA which has the perfect amount of caffeine, beta-alanine, electrolytes, and calories. It is a lower calorie mix (~100 calories) primarily used for sprint distance. If I race an Olympic Distance race, I will typically just double up the scoops. I love this formula because it sits easy in my stomach, yet gives me the fuel I need to ensure my muscles feel sharp in the race and I have no experiences with cramping since using this formula.

For pre-workout or anytime during the day, I love to drink MUD. It has just as much caffeine or more caffeine than coffee, but it also serves as a light meal replacement with 11 grams of protein. For early morning sessions, I like to have an 8oz glass of almond milk with MUD mixed in, a banana, and homemade sweet potato breakfast cookies or a muffin. Our morning sessions usually start at 7, so I don't quite have enough time for a big bowl of oatmeal to digest that early (that typically happens for my real breakfast post workout). MUD is the perfect substitute for coffee and a pre-workout meal.

It has been extremely beneficial for me working with Infinit Nutrition to find the perfect sports drinks to match the demands of my lifestyle based off my individual body composition. Knowing that my body is getting exactly what it needs before, during, and after training/racing gives me the peace of mind and confidence to continue to push my body beyond its limits and to strive for those marginal gains each and every day.

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