Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Art of Being/ Patagonia Triathlon by Brittany Warly

 I am not really someone who has ever been good at poetry, however, this is something I came up with last night, the night before my last race of the 2013 season, Finis Patagonia Triathlon. My best friend, Ashley lent me the book The Alchemist and she really gave it to me at the perfect time. This book has heavily influenced my perspective of things. I have written about my weekend experience after the poem. 

 The Art of Being by Brittany Warly

The Universe is truly amazing
One can choose to believe in it and listen to it
But you can only hear it if you truly open your mind and heart
It will speak I promise

We are all part of the Universe
Small specks of atoms and stardust in the vastness of space
This is our being
We are therefore interconnected with the stars in the skies above, infinitely expanding

It is essential to realize this, for life becomes real
Life becomes magical
One will start to understand the language of the Universe
This revelation will be overwhelming
But embrace it; this power cannot be matched
This power is positive
Do not be scared

Everything that happens to us is happening because the hand of the Universe puts us into these experiences so we can learn something about ourselves we may not learn otherwise
Let that hand guide you and carry you like the fallen leaves in a smooth river
They don’t fight the current, they simply drift with it

Trust in your heart, for the Universe is working very closely with it to keep you on your destined pathway
Your heart will hurt sometimes but it will mend over time
In this, there is no need to fear
For what we are now is a reflection of the past and the present coming together in a different dimension
What we are now is the person experiencing the lessons we must learn

Every action, whether major or minuscule has an impact on the vibrations of the Universe and our personal pathway
Therefore help to better the Universe, work with it, allow the vibrations within to guide you
They will point you in the right direction

You will be discouraged, you will lose hope, you will feel as if everything is lost
This is only a mountain blocking your pathway
You will climb this mountain, you will persevere, and you will find a light on the other side of the mountain
But don’t be afraid to climb that mountain for fear of failure; instead, dream of reaching the other side of the mountain…what will it look like?
Without the struggle, how can personal enlightenment be attained?
There cannot be good without bad

This is the balance of the Universe
You will occasionally fall off track, but no need to worry
Unexpected coincidences will lead you back to your path
Trust in these coincidences and recognize them as the Universe speaks in many different ways
Everything will regress to the mean

This is the balance of the Universe
It is working with you if you simply listen and follow
Breathe, and allow it to guide you on your personal journey
It will reach it’s hand out to you
And you will confidently take it

     Events leading up to this race were far from smooth. I was hit with many obstacles preventing me from racing well or racing at all. I have been very busy with school and due to some minor tendonitis in my foot, I have barely ran for a few weeks and my biking has not been consistent; therefore, I had no reason to be confident going into this race. 
     Wednesday night, I was in the process of packing my bike and it turned out my pedals were completely stuck in the cranks because there was no grease on them. This has only happened one time before (due to me twisting the allen key in the wrong direction), but this time it was bizarre. My dad and I spent all night trying to remove the pedal. When I look back at how frustrated I was this humors me; my dad tried every method from hammering to getting a larger tool for more leverage...still no success. My patience was definitely being tested. We ended up having to change our 8am flight to a 12:30pm flight so we could go to the bike shop in the morning to remove the freaking pedals! So embarrassing! Was this good luck or bad luck? Perhaps either...nobody knows.
      We arrived in Patagonia and this city was very different from other cities I have been to; population was only 905 people, 4 restaurants total. After reading The Alchemist  I found it to be too strange that this race took place in the desert. Patagonia Lake was sort of like an oasis in the desert. It didn't really fit into the environment, and this is what made it so magical to me. I started connecting the dots; I was meant to go to that race. I truly had an amazing time with my mom at this race. We don't get to spend a lot of time together but I love you so much and we have so much fun together! Thank you for being my number one supporter!
      My mom and I ended up going to this restaurant called Velvet Elvis, owned by an amazing women whom I met, Cicilia San Miguel. She had this ora to her that was comforting yet confusing. I knew she was a spiritual women, and she and I really connected. She explained to me the beauty of the mountains and how incredible Patagonia was because the red mountains are full of crystals. Her friend, Dorothy who reads Taro cards happened to be visiting that day, and I asked if I could have a reading because I have never had one before (even though my mom reads Taro cards; she understandably refuses to do it for family). I never really believed in this type of spiritualism, however, Dorothy was a stranger I had just met and I knew I was meant to meet her for she already knew a lot about me. My session with her sort of gave me some reassurance that I am on the right path. If I hadn't gone to this race I would have never met these incredible people. After my experience with Cecilia and Dorothy, it was like this weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I realized I was meant to be at that restaurant at 1 pm on Friday.
     Race day I woke up tired and didn't feel too great, especially during the run warm up. Everything has felt a bit off recently, but I tried to stay positive. I have noticed that when I have a bad warm up, I actually tend to have a better race. It's like I release all that negative energy. I asked for a blessing before this race; I asked to be protected and to find some meaning in this race, something that could help me grow as a person.
Happy CU Tri family! You guys are like the
big brothers I never had!
      The race started and my mindset shifted. I suddenly felt calm for the first time in months. I felt like the water was pulling me and I was a part of it; I was swimming in the oasis. My transitions went smoothly and on the bike I focused on safety, for this course was dangerous, hilly, and technical. I maintained efficiency while staying safe, and instead of fighting the wind as I did in the past, I allowed it to carry me as the water did; it felt effortless. I put my socks on for the run because I am sick of getting blisters, and off I went. My legs were tired and I had little confidence in my run fitness. The run was difficult because my legs felt weak and it was hilly, but again I shifted my focus away from the pain. I trusted my abilities. I tried to high five every girl I could, to motivate them because I knew they were hurting too, and I think we helped each other; it sort of distracted me from the pain I was in. I respect anyone who finished this race.
      It was fulfilling to finish my last race with the win, but that was not the triumph of this weekend. My triumph was a personal triumph; I have found some additional meaning in my life and my purposes and I feel blessed to have received this from an outside energy source. You could call this a personal revelation. I tend to get these at times when I need them.
       I have so many people to thank for helping me get through my first season in triathlon. 
Pedals successfully removed, bike packed!
I know I am constantly thanking people in my life, but I feel you can never say thank you enough to those that have really helped you and continue to help you and that is just the way I am. It is important to appreciate those that help you and influence you. Ken Axford, thank you for always supporting me and pushing me at times when I maybe wanted to give in or not go as hard when I doubted my abilities; you have given me my foundation and I can only build from here. Your belief and unconditional support in me means everything; thank you for putting up with my drama-queen moments and showing me tough love at times when I needed to "sack up" :) Will Murray, thank you for giving me so much valuable guidance and for helping me stay balanced and level-headed in the craziness of my life. You have not only been a good mentor, always giving me advice, but you are a great friend and an influential person in my life. Mike Ricci, thank you for helping me transition back into school this year and for giving me the confidence to race well at times when I haven't felt confident or have felt scared, and pushing me in practices this fall when I have maybe lacked motivation or have been very tired. I would have not performed as well without your support. Thank you for being that person who is excited to talk about life and the meaning of life with me; it is fun to share our perspectives with one another. There are so many other people to thank, including my friends and family who have supported me during times when I was definitely difficult. Your love and compassion is incredibly comforting and not forgotten. Kim Baugh, thank you for being such a positive person, amazing friend, and support in my life. I consider you to be one of my best friends. Your advice is always so appreciated and I truly value our friendship; thank you for mentoring me through these past few months and showing me the ropes. I have learned and will continue to learn so much from you and all your experiences. Tracy Hankinson, you have been like a mother to me, and I will not forget how you have taken care of me. I truly value our relationship and always look forward to spending time with you, because I truly cherish these times. Moose!!! You are a great teammate and friend. I love having another girl that I relate to who I can trust, who brings out the best in me, pushing me every day. We both want the best for one another, and that is special. I know our times together are limited due to our crazy schedules, but you really have a way of refreshing me! George and Anna Heidinger, thank you for teaching me how to swim this summer. You both have helped me incredibly and have given me a better sense of the water and understanding how I can be a better swimmer. Grant Holicky, I only just started working with you but the progression has been noticeable. I really look forward to continuing our work together and I thank you for pushing me this fall, when you barely even knew me as an athlete or person. 
      In the meantime, I am looking forward to a shift from triathlon into spending more time with my friends and the people I love. Right now I look forward to eating a giant bowl of ice cream! Time to celebrate a fulfilling first year! Excited for the 2014 season. Finis=finished! First year down! Hopefully many to go!
CU Buffs!
The biggest award I have ever gotten!
A beautiful phoenix hand crafted,

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