Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Taking Chances by Brittany Warly

Some choose to float
Some choose to sink
Others choose to fly
Living life on the brink

We're trapped in what others think should be
Living out a part
But what if we truly followed
Followed our little hearts?

Some may think it's easy
Obviously clear
But if we were to do so
We'd live no life of fear

Fear can be a gift
But also a a hindrance
It can give us strength
But also restrict us

It can protect us when in trouble
A safety net for sure
But fear can be a tricky thing
Don't fall into it's lure

But now is a time to live
To live without the doubt
To trust in those who love us
Throw negative people out

To laugh with our friends
To openly shed tears too
To be a kind spirit
Love those as you truly do

So how can we know if we've succeeded in life
To know if we've reached the top
The only way to do so
Is never ever stop

To forget what once controlled us
To live our life unbound
Just take that leap of faith
And you will feel profound

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